A design is an intensively developed sign that shall distinguish products and packaging on a visual basis form the competitors. The use and effort of creativity, financial and time resources need to be protected on the international market. Here it is possible to apply for the registration of the design at the Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Registered designs protect the outer appearance and colouring of a product. To protect a design, an application and registration at the responsible Patent and Trade Mark Office is necessary. For a successful registration, the patent attorneys of our office check the documents that need to be handed in and help with the graphic processing to meet the required format of the respective offices. With the help of our attorneys, the risk to make a formal mistake with the application or to infringe third party rights will be minimized.

A design application normally requires short lead times and the registration at the responsible offices takes place within a few weeks. Our patent attorneys accompany the process until the design registration has been successful and furthermore support our clients to ensure the property rights against third parties.

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