The costs of the design application seem to be one of the most important questions if a company wants to protect their product or packaging design at the Patent and Trade Mark Office in Germany or abroad. The costs for a design application is made up of fees, according to the effort, administration fees and office fees and can reliably be estimated in advance. The amount of costs depends significantly on the amount on designs that shall be protected. Several designs can be summarised as a cost saving for multiple applications of up to 100 designs. Also a design application in several countries can raise the costs.

The patent attorneys of our office work on a fee basis which can vary, depending on the effort of a mandate. Tthe calculations are performed as exact as possible in advance.

The patent attorneys of our office keep the administration costs as low as possible. This is due to the long-term experience of our attorneys and the structured working method of the whole office.

The charges for the design application may vary. The design costs depend, among others, on the amount of handed in designs but can be exactly estimated in advance. In the course of time, further costs can come up if the design protection shall be upheld.

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