In case of an M&A transactions, mergers, divisions or buying a company, the task to evaluate IP rights appears frequently. The attorneys of our office carry out the check of IP rights, the so called IP-Due-Diligence, for single property rights and whole portfolios with great care. PI-Due-Diligence includes the founded analysis of all protection rights (i.e. patents, trade marks, designs and give, if applicable, licenses) of a company and application, which might not have the complete property right of the Patent and Trade Mark Office when performing the M&A transaction. With the evaluation of the IP rights, similar relevant documents and records are assessed, which provide information about the patent and the know-how of the company.

Depending on the reason of evaluation, sector and size of the portfolio, different focuses can play a role and are proofed. The evaluation can consider register status, legal stability, monetary value and, open claims, due to employee inventions, etc. On request, we consider each single aspect or the whole IP related positioning of the company with the IP-Due-Diligence.

If property rights need to be clarified aside the national law, we will receive support from international partner attorneys which also have long-term experiences in M&A transactions.

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