After assignment of the property rights, the registration the transfer of the right should be carried out at the responsible office. As long-term experienced attorneys, we advise to transfer a patent because of the following two reasons:

  • Only with the transfer in the register, the transferee of the property right is actively legitimized to enforce the property rights and can assert claims.
  • Likewise, the original owner keeps passively legitimized against possible third party offenses as long as he/she is registered.

A transfer of the property rights in time should be of interest for the previous and future owner of the patent.

The patent attorneys of our office have years of experience in the international support of transferring procedures. Due to an international network of experienced attorneys, we can support with a transfer of patents abroad in time. As the official requirements for a patent transfer vary significantly in each country, it is important avoid mistakes when compiling the respective documents (declaration of transfer, legal authority, trade register excerpts, translations, legalisations, etc.). This helps not to unnecessarily extend the official processing time of a transfer application, which is in some countries quite long anyway.

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