Wherever knowledge has been reformed and energy has been invested, where ideas have grown, problems have been recognised and solutions have been developed, technical inventions need to be protected. Patents are the first choice of inventors and developers who want to ensure the protection of their efforts.

Our patent attorneys review all relevant documents which describe the technical invention and all of its features for the patent application. Due to long-term experience and technical and scientific specification, we are the optimal interface between inventor and patent office, where the patent will be given. For each patent application, individual concepts and individual patent costs are compiled and contain, among others, the official fees.

After the successful patent application, the patent attorneys of our law office will be available for their clients to protect their property rights. The patent infringement needs to be tracked within Germany and all international countries. While protecting the property rights of our clients, our patent attorneys also protect inventors to infringe the rights of third parties.

Our law office combines long-term experiences in the national area, combined with international operating partner attorneys and the technical and scientific specification of our patent attorneys. We offer goal-oriented advice to our clients about the patent rights and support them to protect the property rights in the following technical fields:


When technology meets law, patent attorneys are in demand to combine both areas. Our law office offers our clients a competent advice in nearly all areas.

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