If a technical invention arises from time intensive efforts which are of high importance for the enterprise value, it is important to protect them with all rights that the national and international patent law can permit. The most meaningful step is to apply for a patent. Applicants will be supported and advised by experienced patent attorneys, who are well informed and who can avoid application refusals which can occur, for example through missing documentation. Considering the technological fields, competitive situation, sales markets and costs, the patent attorneys office Feder Walter Ebert develop appropriate strategies for the patent application.

When elaborating a patent application, it is our approach to work fast and create a most possible protection of the invention. After receiving all relevant technical documentation for the patent application, our attorneys view them on time and discuss them in detail with the applicant or the contact person of the company. Often, a meeting on-site is the best place.

To achieve the most possible relief for the applying company, our patent attorneys learn the strings of the technical field intensively. The fundamental ideas of the invention will be identified and summarised in a draft and after consultation with the client handed in to the patent office on short notice.

After handing in the application we will guide the official granting procedure and defend the patent against appeals of competitors.

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