As unique as an invention is, as different are the patent costs which are associated with the protection of the invention. We endeavor to clarify the patent costs for our clients as exact as possible in advance. Thanks to our long-term experience in the national and international patent rights, a realistic evaluation of the costs succeeds. The patent costs are made of several line items: the fees according to the efforts, administration costs and official fees.

Our patent attorneys charge their fees according to the effort which arises with the application of a patent. This is the reason why the patent costs vary as the case may be.

Also, the administration costs within the patent application are variable. In the last years, we have been able to establish an efficient working method which allows structured administration work at low costs.

When applying for a patent, costs for the patent office arise. They can be defined in advance and individually calculated for each of our clients. When determining the official costs, single specialties will be considered (e.g. reductions for licenses of right).

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