A patent provides inventors the exclusive right on using the invention. As an international patent attorney office, we support our clients to enforce their protection rights at home and abroad. The aim is to create a continuous protection of our clients’ rights. We help to detect patent infringements and follow them continuously, no matter if it was intended or not. Regarding the German law, a patent infringement can only exist, if the patent has already been granted.

Our patent attorneys continuously check if a patent infringement is determined. To this, different strategies can – depending on each individual case – be the basis of the procedure of a patent infringement. If necessary, we advise about the granting of licenses depending on each individual case.

The protection of infringements of third party rights is at least as important as the enforcement of the own property rights. This is why we help our clients to minimise the risk of a patent infringement within a “freedom to operate” -analysis with recent technical developments and control current patents of competitors within a monitoring.

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