Many companies try to imitate well-known trademarks to profit – unjustified – from their success. To trace those imitations consequently, it is important to fully protect the own trademarks. It is all the same, whether you want to protect the company names, trademarks, name rights, to protect the word mark or the logo: our office is experienced in trademark law.

To achieve a successful trademark registration, our attorneys perform a fully analysis about the respective view for the registration at the trademark office. And therewith, we check if already existing trademarks could be infringed through the trademark registration and develop due to these results a success-promising strategy. The costs for the trademark registration result accordingly to the effort.

Who wants to take advantages of trademark rights, needs to register a trade. To prepare a trademark registration, our long-term experienced attorneys will perform a full analysis with a review of the registration at the trademark office. The costs for the trademark registration result according to the effort. However, these costs can be determined in advance, which is the result of our long-term experience in the national and international trademark law.

In case a trademark rights infringement, our attorneys will take care of consequent tracing of the concerns and will take action against any disregard of the rights of the trademark owner. Experienced partner law offices abroad support our attorneys to trace trademark infringements across the border.

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