What can a trademark cost? This is a question a lot of people ask themselves. Within commercial relationships, they want to protect their products and services against other companies. Unlike for a patent application, the costs for a trademark application can be exactly estimated in advance, whereas especially the number of the goods and service classes for the trademarks has great influence on the costs. The costs for a trademark application consist of the attorney fees which depend on the effort, administration costs and official fees.

The fee of our attorneys depend on the effort for the trademark application. Thanks to our long-term experience in this field, the costs can be calculated relatively well in advance.

During the years, we have established a structured working method in our office and thanks to it, only low administration costs arise.

For the trademark application at the Trademark Office – either within Germany or abroad – fees are charged which depend on different aspects. For example the number of goods or service classes which have been defined for the trademark registration. These fees are exactly calculated by our attorneys in advance.

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