Only the owner of a trademark is allowed to use it. In coordination with our attorney offices at home and abroad support our clients with the enforcement of their trademark rights and take actions with contradictions requests for cancellations against disturbing third party trade


A trademark infringement does not only appear at the beginning of an application but also during the following years – especially when the value of a trademark rises – we support our clients with customised trademark monitoring. The trademark registration will be monitored worldwide and we will intervene immediately when finding a disturbing third party trademark. Next to the intended official procedures this can also be achieved, if trademark agreements can be reached on a non-official way and we negotiate it with our clients.

The view at third party trademarks is at least as important as the protection of the own trademark to minimise the trademark infringement before an application. A trademark should be proofed before using it, to see if the rights on the trademark are entitled to a third party. Our attorneys perform a profound check and reveal potential trademark infringement.

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