The best advertisement is still the own trademark which represents a significant part of the company value. To scope the full potential of the own trademark and the therefore associated effort for the development and establishment, it is recommended to register the trademark and protect it against unjustified third parties. The protection of a trademark takes place through the registration at the responsible offices. By reporting all goods or services which shall be protected, a trademark can be registered.

Certain risks that can come along with the trademark application will be minimised by our experienced attorneys by thorough analysations and an extensive planning about chances of the intended registration. The analysis contains, beside the thorough research for already existing third party brands – especially in view of the absolute ability to protect the trademark which can, among other issues, contain the name, the writing and the logo of a company. We also create a customised goods and/or service index, which provide an extensive protection.

Besides preparing all necessary documents for the trademark application and the proposal at the trademark office, our patent attorneys also support our clients with the enforcement of an international protection right. This is the reason why our experienced partner attorneys abroad help us to ensure a profound advice about different state laws.

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